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Welcome to our "Catholic Life of the School" page.


Through this page we aim to share with you and celebrate many of the elements which make our Catholic school so special.


On this page you will find information to help families, the Parish and school work together in supporting the development of our children's faith and Religious Education.


You will also find photographs showing special celebrations and some of our diverse opportunities for Collective Worship.


There are also photographs of our school work, displays, charity work and clubs.




PCP - Primary Catholic Partnership - Initial Teacher Training


The Primary Catholic Partnership (PCP) is based in Southampton and offers a variety of initial teacher training courses for those seeking to become primary and early years teachers. The partnership was formed in 2000 by a group of primary schools in the Catholic Diocese of Portsmouth.


Our trainees benefit from a small, friendly, supportive environment with a mix of ages and backgrounds. Lectures are delivered by outstanding practising teachers who have the credibility and respect needed to help you develop successful and relevant teaching strategies.


For more information use this link: PCP



In our relationship with God, we are called, like children, to a deeper sense of trust in Him. As the Good Shepherd, Christ invites us to follow Him, to rely upon Him, to hand over control to Him - in order that we might grow in freedom and be led to green pastures.

How do we learn to listen for and recognise His voice?

Certainly, we need to take the time to listen, look, slow down, reflect and go beyond our superficial desires.  We need to listen to the Lord who calls to us in the depth of our being. Each of us needs time to realise that God may be (in fact, He most certainly is) calling each and every one of us daily!  As Jesus said Come, follow me!