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Executive Headteacher - Gerida Montague

Co Executive Headteacher - Sarah Hendricks


Director of Quality of Education - Ian Prince

Chief Business, Finance and Compliance Officer - Jo McNicholas

Director of Leadership & Management Systems - Caroline Firman


Vice Principal - Denise Williams

Vice Principal - Matt Grace

Assistant Vice Principal - Rob Kopps


Deputy Director of Venerable Children - Katherine Olney

Deputy Director of Quality of Education - Denise Williams

Partnership SENCO - Nikki Grace

Partnership SENCO - Kate Knott





Year R

Lucy Haynes - Orange Base

Erin Morris - Green Base

Lindsey Taylor - Purple Base

Faye Hooper, Abbie C.


Year 1

1S - Lucy Saw

1R - Elena Race 

Laura Rivers, Dawn Nailor


Year 2

2B - Patrick Boussott

2R - Miss Roper

2S - Shannen Smith

Tracy McGrory


Year 3

3R - Molly Roper / Faye French

3I - Amina Iqbal & Aisha Kan

3P - India Palmer

Sarah Doherty


Year 4

4D - Elin Dawes

4KB - Kristina Broomfield

4B - Enrica Biasi

Katy Gilligan



Year 5

5A - Miss Attwood

5P - Mr Prisk

Emma Higgins, Kelly A.


Year 6 

6K - Mr Kops & Riccardo Scala

6C - Delia Cheung

6A - Mrs Austin and Faye Colwell

Mrs Bridle


ELSA & Out of Hours Club Lead- Mrs Holmes


Office Team

Rachel Morey - Partnership Finance, Health & Safety and Administration Manager

Partnership Estates Manager - Andrew McNicholas

Rebecca Day - Admin Assistant
Receptionist - Kerrie


Site Manager

Mr Nailor