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School Council

Welcome to the school council section of our website. Your school council members for this year are:


Chair - 

Vice Chair -


1C Sienna And Romeo
1S Louie and Scarlett
2P Josiah and Niketa
2I Georgie and Harmony
2G Lylah and Kaile 
3H Maciej and Grace 
3S Brayden and Lexie
3D Philip and Stella 
4V Violet and Aleks
4T Naa and Wiktor 
5B Tommy and Nana 
5K Alan and Brianna 
5J Owen and Ruby  
6C Adam and Xin 
6F Charlie and Maria
6A Eve and Ashton


Spring 2022


During Spring term, the School Council gathered to develop ideas for celebrating the Queen's Platinum Jubilee in school. After sharing some brilliantly creative ideas, the representatives took their suggestions back to their own classrooms where each class voted for their favourite ideas. These are now being planned as part of our class and whole school celebrations coming up at the end of this half-term. We can't wait to see our ideas turn into reality!


In addition to this, the School Council are continuing to work towards the Eco-Schools Green Flag Award. As part of this, each week they will be setting a challenge for their class, for example having a printing-free lesson, using left-over water for the plants, or checking the taps are properly turned off. We know that each small change adds up to make a massive difference, so the School Council will also be encouraging classmates to go above and beyond the weekly challenge, making lasting changes in our everyday lives. 

January 2019


School Council have transformed into Holy Family's Eco Squad this year and have created recycling bins in every classroom.


They are on a mission to save our planet!


As of Spring 1 Week 2 all children and staff within the school will be expected to recycle their paper, milk cartons, plastic bottles and any other Southampton recyclables. Each class's school councillors will be ensuring that this is done correctly and continues to happen from now on. Wish them luck!  

October 2018

Holy Family school councilors had a fantastic trip to the University of Southampton to meet with the other school councilors in the Partnership. We had an interesting talk from some students at the uni to learn all about the different courses you can study there. Afterwards, we shared what makes a good school councilor and what rules we should follow during our meetings. It was great to share ideas with children from other schools and year groups. Our main focus of the day was our action plan for this year - becoming eco warriors! We have all taken a mission back to our schools to become more green and eco-friendly. Holy Family are going to focus on recycling paper in our classrooms.

October 2017

We had a great day meeting the school councilors from the other 3 schools in our partnership. We got to know each other by working in mixed groups and did a number of activities, which included: school council bingo, writing meeting rules, what makes the perfect school councilor, who decides – pupils or staff. Most importantly, we discussed our action plan for the year and how we will be making our schools a school of sanctuary. Our first plan of action is to promote the Shoebox Appeal!

January 30 2017

On Monday 30th January the school councillors from all three schools in our partnership met up for our termly meeting at Highfield House. We were lucky enough to have Mrs Anderson, who works at Swaythling Primary School, come speak to us becoming a School of Sanctuary. She taught us what the difference is between a refugee and an asylum seeker and informed us about the steps that we must take in order to become a School of Sanctuary. As a group, we came up with ideas to make our school a safe and welcoming environment and have plans to share our vision with our school and the wider community.
In the afternoon, we spoke about how we can conserve energy in our schools and in the community. We have decided to have an Eco Day which we will be planning for the summer term. In our conference today, we came up with the rules that we would like to impose to help us save energy.

October 3 2016

Today we went to Highfield House for our school council meeting. The school councillors from all three schools across Mrs Montague’s partnership were there.

We had a very fun and exciting day where we made some new friends whilst taking part in some school council related activities.
We thought about the qualities that made a good school councillor and we discussed the contribution that pupil voice has in our school. We also came up with many ideas on how to make our schools a better place.
Together we came up with an action plan for each school that we will take back to our classes so that they can give us more suggestions on how we can continue with our projects.

Some of the things we would like to improve include our green space, an energy saving scheme and adding a gardening area to our school. We look forward to working on these ideas throughout the year.

Written by School Council

The school council meets every fortnight with Miss Murphy to discuss actions you would like to happen in our school. We then make decisions based on your suggestions.

Below are the minutes from these meetings:



We also meet termly with our partnership schools, Sinclair Primary School and Bitterne Park Primary School.

Every class has a suggestion box in their class for you to put your suggestions in. We will then discuss your suggestions in our school council meetings.

What would you like to happen in our school? Remember, your voice counts!