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Phonics Books

9a. "Stop" (Orange Phase: g o c k - simplified)


In this story, Mas the dog and Nin the cat have a little falling out!

It causes quite a commotion!

Can Kom the cop help them find a solution?

Read the story to find out!

17. "Rem and the Pets" (Orange Phase: ck e u r)


In this story, it is Rem's birthday! She is ten years old!

Lots of her friends come round to celebrate... but are all of the guests welcome?

Read the story to find out!

21. "The Surf Trip" (Pink Phase: ar or ur er)


In this story, Toab and his son Bemp go on a surfing trip!

Will Bemp enjoy surfing on the waves?

Read the story to find out!

14. "New Trainers" (Green Phase: wh ph ew oe au ey)


In this story, Pock goes to buy some new trainers at the sports shop. 

But will he find a suitable pair to wear home? 

Read the story to find out!

16. "The Sweet Shop" (Pink Phase: ai ee igh oa oo)


In this story, Dad takes the children to the sweet shop.

However, one of the aliens needs to take a trip to see Thoot the dentist afterwards!

Read the story to find out who!

2. "The Watchmaker" (Purple Phase: Alternative a, e, i, o, u pronunciations.)


In this story, Dad breaks his watch when doing the housework!

Can Tix the watchmaker help to fix it? The watch is very old!

Read the story to find out!

12. "The Space Race" (Purple Phase: Alternative ow, ie, ea, ou, y, ch, c, g, ey ponunciations.)


In this story, the aliens drive into the city for the annual Space Race!

The prize is a pot of gold from the Princess! But who will be victorious? 

Read the story to find out!