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Year 3 Blog

The children in Year 3 have had a fantastic start to the academic year and have been working really hard in all subject areas.


In Maths lessons, we have been working really hard on our understanding of place value. We have been introduced to the hundreds place value in Year 3 which has built on from our Year 2 understanding with tens and ones. We have found it very helpful to use concrete resources such as dienes and place value counters to support us with our conceptual understanding.


In English, we have been learning all about the characters in the World’s Worst Children by David Walliams. We have really enjoyed writing in the style of David Walliams and using our literacy devices to help us entertain the reader so that they continue to read our amazing writing! Through learning to think carefully about the effect on the reader, we have understood how authorial characterisation is so important to write in an entertaining way!


In Science, we have been learning all about rocks. We have learned about the different types of rocks such as Igneous, Metamorphic and Sedimentary. More importantly, we have applied this learning to our daily lives and identified how rocks shape the world that we live in. For example, marble is used to make tables and worktops that people may have in their kitchens!


In Geography, we have become explorers of the world, particularly the United Kingdom! We have explored the countries that make up the U.K. and we have even located these countries on a map. We have really improved on using our map skills to locate the main rivers and highlands in the U.K.