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Year 2 Blog


In Maths we have been delving deeper into the concept of subtraction. We have been using a range of concrete and pictorial examples in our lessons to help us build our understanding of this operation. We have applied our skills of subtracting both one and two digit numbers from a two digit number in a variety of ways. We have also been using our previous learning on addition to help us understand that subtraction is the inverse of addition and vice versa. We have practiced applying this knowledge to help us double check our answers and ensure that we have used careful counting skills.



In English, we have been exploring a range of villains. We have been generating powerful adjectives to describe these nasty, hostile characters on the inside and outside. Building on our previous learning within our Rainbow Fish topic, we have explored the work of other authors and analysed how they use characterisation to control villains in their work in order to make sure that they are disliked by their reader. We have been using our learning to build up a bank of ideas and words that will support us to write a character description about George’s vile grandma. In SPaG, we have been exploring proper nouns and a range of co-ordinating conjunctions.


Religious Education

In our Religion lessons, we have begun our learning about the Liturgical season of Advent. During an extra special collective worship we worked together to prepare our prayer table for the season. We changed the prayer cloth from green, which represents ordinary time, to purple which represents a time for preparation. We also worked together to create an Advent Wreath for our classroom. We will use this to help us countdown to Christmas and prepare for the birth of Baby Jesus.