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Year 2 blog

It may only be week 2 of the academic year, but Year 2 children have been showing a lot of hard work and resilience and have made an amazing start to learning in Year 2.


We have been adjusting our masks, tightening our capes, and getting our gadgets ready as we have been learning all about superheroes and their superpowers. We have been exploring interesting and enriching language to use when describing our own superheroes to make our writing as exciting as a sonic boom produced by Superman’s flight speed. We cannot wait to finish planning and reveal our unique superheroes, without compromising their secret identity of course!


In Science, we have enjoyed learning about what it takes to become a scientist and realised that with a pinch of curiosity and tablespoon of perseverance, we can be scientist ourselves! To begin our learning, we explored key vocabulary around science experiments such as reaction and solution. We then were able to make our first experiment which consisted of rice, vinegar and baking soda, and observed that when mixing the three ingredients, the reaction caused the rice to dance!