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Dear Families.


I do hope that you all remain safe and well. I hope that by now you will have all received the details of arrangements for the last three weeks of term.   I am cautiously confident that we will be able to return to normal school life in September, although none of us can predict the future. All information received on Wednesday, 1st July will be subject to Government guidance and guidelines. I am, however, optimistic. More details to follow.


Last Three Weeks of Term – WEEK 5 – 7 Inclusive:


Families will see a slight adjustment in the provision below. In line with my letter on Thursday, 25th June, I am maintaining the vast majority of provision. However, because I have decided to extend YR and Y1 to the end of term, along with Y6 and keyworker provision, more of our staff are in school covering the last two weeks’ organisation, making it impossible to schedule the teacher and TA calls home for the last two weeks. Therefore, next week will be the last week of teacher and TA calls home, children then have a schedule notified for the end of term.


Therefore, provision that will be maintaining:

Keyworker provision;

Y6 sessions;

YR sessions;

Y1 sessions;

Partnership Learning Platform provision;

Partnership Support Calls;

SENCO / Head of School calls;

Food delivery and vouchers.


EHCP Children - in addition to the 'farewell' organisation, children may be invited in to meet new key adults and see their new classroom. A separate invitation/session outline will be sent. 


Protecting our Children and Community


I would like to thank every family for their efforts over the past lockdown period. COVID has not gone away, but every community member’s sterling effort to stay safe has brought the infection rate down and allowed us all a little more freedom. There is a small minority of families however that are not keeping to government guidance and I want to remind families of the importance of observing Government guidelines on social distancing and group sizes re meeting up. The shocking scenes at Bournemouth Beach has resulted in many worried calls from families. Failure to follow these guidelines could result in your child/ren losing their place in school provision. Again, thank you for your continued efforts to stay safe and well and protect our local community.


4th July Update


As you are aware we provide free lunches to all children attending our provision.

This will be maintained, but from the 4th July parents may send their child in with a packed lunch if they prefer. The lunch should be fully disposable and in a carrier bag, not a lunchbox. The lunch will be kept under your child’s desk and will not be touched by anyone else. As usual, we thank you for sending a healthy lunch - no sweets, nuts or sugary drinks are permitted.


September School - Reminder


An email will go out to all families on July 1st, re detailed transition and staffing arrangements. A transition pack will follow in the post to supplement this.


Y6 Residential Refund


Thank you for your patience. I have instructed our Business and Finance Lead to refund families for monies owed to them. The Local Authority does not allow for cash refunds and schools do not carry cash ever.  I have asked office staff to calculate any money owing and ensure that the correct refunds are made. Please be patient as your accounts will be settled. Thank you.



Thank you for your continued support. Stay safe and well.


Yours sincerely 


Gerida Montague

Executive Head