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Residential Update

Friday -

We are busy this morning packing and getting ready for our last adventure here in Devon. This will be beach games, we are looking forward to being on the sand again.

Thursday -

PM - This afternoon was exciting those of us that surfed this morning stayed at base and did and assault course followed by archery. our team building skills that we learnt yesterday certainly came in and we conquered the high wall with ease. Those of us that were climbing this morning went kayaking on the river, it was very beautiful on the river. We had a BBQ for dinner this evening and there was plenty of choice for everyone. We are now dressed ready for our evening disco/film night/field games with a chill out area should we need it.

AM - This morning we are going to be Climbing and abseiling whilst part of our school heads to the beach to surf. We know they will have a great time as some of us surfed on Monday and have been advising them on how to catch a wave.

Wednesday -

PM - In the afternoon we had team challenge and climbing and abseiling, it was a real challenge. Dinner was was great again particularly the jaffa cake mousse. Yum! This evening will are shelter building and playing wide games.

AM - We have awoken to another beautiful day, breakfast awaits us followed by our morning adventure on the river, rafting and kayaking.



PM - After the morning challenges we had an afternoon of archery and assault course/team building, followed by another good dinner. Later this evening we will having a scavenger hunt.

AM - After a sound sleep we are up and have had a fantastic breakfast and looking forward to Rafting and high ropes.


Arrived safely.  Spending the afternoon getting to know the centre and playing beach games.  Later on we will be taking part in a scavenger hunt.