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Mayor Making

Holy Family Mayor Making Trip


On the 18th of May, four Year 6 children went to the 800th Mayor Election. We travelled on the Partnership minibus to get to the Guildhall. When we arrived, we greeted the instructor and they gave us badges to commemorate the occasion. We were escorted to our seats and, when everyone settled in, the council’s Choir stared singing beautifully. It was a fun experience!  After that, soldiers stood either side of the hall while the Southampton City Councilors entered and took their places on the stage. The outgoing mayor came addressed us and explained how his year in office had progressed.

Awards were given out and the child mayor (Amana) was given a special cloak which the mayor helped put on. The new mayor, Mayor Jackie came and explained how relieved she was. Before the ceremony ended we all sang the National Anthem. The day was very interesting and we were all inspired to do good things like Mayor Jackie and all of the Southampton City Councilors. We were all so lucky to attend a once-in-a-life-time experience.