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In year R…

In year R…

We have had a very busy week bear hunting!

In literacy, we have been focusing on writing the different parts of the story using our phase 2 sounds to help us. In maths, we have explored key words from the story ‘under’ ‘over’ and learning all about positional language.

Busy bee has been exciting this week and each day different parts of the story have been set up for us to explore; we explored in the long wavy grass, the sticky muddy water, and the shaving foam snow! We made a massive bear cave underneath our big top tent and snuggled down with our favourite bear books.

We were also lucky to have a special visit from John Lewis, they performed a ‘Bear hunt workshop’ and brought props for us to join in with the story, we all had so much fun! Each child was awarded a certificate for participating in the show and pictures have been put into our learning journeys for our families to enjoy.

Next week we will be exploring ‘Diwali’ and look forward to learning all about the ‘festival of light’

Another busy week complete and we are all so settled!
In Literacy this week we have used our phonetic sounds to label different parts of the story and then choose our favourite part of the story to write about. In Maths, we have explored patterns, we did this with objects, colours, shapes and even made patterns splashing in the water.
During our RE lesson we learnt all about our class prayer bear and look forward to taking him home each week. We also begun to learn about special people at our local Church. Thank you to our parents for helping us complete our homework task this week, we have all enjoyed sharing pictures of our houses and talking about all our lovely families.
We have continued to learn our phase 2 phonics sounds and we were so happy to see so many of our parents at our Friday workshop, we loved being the teacher!
Next week, we will be going to the moon, exploring the story ‘Whatever Next’

Exploring the story ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ has been so much fun!

In English we created story maps, to help us learn the story and the different characters. We then created instructions for Goldilocks to make her own porridge. In maths, we explored number recognition up to 10, using counting bears, we made sure to count the bears carefully one by one.
Porridge making was great fun! Following instructions we created yummy porridge, it was super tasty. A picture has been put in our learning journeys for our family to enjoy.
We have now started learning our Phase 2 sounds, each sound has an action and we look forward to teaching all our parents on Friday in the ‘Phonics Workshop’.
Next week, more bears, but this time “We’re going on a bear hunt”