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House Captain - Update

As school leaders, we know younger children look up to us, so being positive role models is a key part of our role as House Captains.

When we were asked to research different potential charities the children of Holy Family to collect donations for, we knew how important it was to get the job done well.


Jesus teaches us about the importance of charity work and we wanted to get it right!


We used the computers in Year 2 to complete our research and then created a video to share with all the classes across the school, detailing some of the potential charities they could vote for.


All the children participated in a vote and the charities chosen were City Mission Food Bank and Scratch – “Christmas Complete”.


We hope that by collecting food and Christmas items for people who are struggling in the run up to Christmas will help to spread Jesus’s love in our school and wider community.


Written by Annya and Olivier