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Green Flag Award

Holy Family have officially been awarded the Eco - Green Flag Award for the schools hard work and dedication to the environment. Here is the write up we received based on the work we have done this academic year. 



It's wonderful that you have appointed such a large and representative Eco-Committee, this shows your schools excellent commitment to both the programme and the eco-cause. We love your democratic and fair approach to appointing Eco-Committee members. It’s great to see that other pupils played a part in the process. It was great to see how you got your young people so enthused about participating in all this – this helps them develop new skills! This is a mature and professional approach. Great work!


It was wonderful to see how completing your Environmental Review helped to raise the level of awareness in your school and helped your Eco-Committee to identify the issues and spot gaps in your school's existing environmental activity. But equally important is that it helped you to recognise the great work that you were already doing. This helps to keep up the good activity whilst making you feel empowered to do different things. We love this!


We love the range of activities that you and your Eco-Committee planned for delivery. The fact that they cover both indoor (Earth Day, charity support, the Eat Them To Defeat Them campaign and Jubilee celebrations) and outdoor (building bug hotels and bird feeders, planting fruit and veg in your sensory garden and a variety of tree planting) activities is excellent. It was also great to see accountability and monitoring and evaluation clearly marked in your Action Plan. Great work! You’ve clearly embedded the ethos of the Eco-Schools programme far and wide in your school!


We’re really impressed at how you’ve linked environmental issues to a variety of curriculum areas. We loved seeing the excellent examples of lesson PowerPoints and materials and great motivational speeches! This is a great example of layering in sustainability and climate change into your studies. We loved reading about how you had hosted an ‘Earth Day’ event and made your own bug hotels as well as how you had incorporated learning about global issues not only into the Geography Curriculum (most common one apart from Science) in your school, but also into other areas such as Literacy and D&T.


Your Eco-Board is great. Your board is incredibly visual and engaging and promotes your work in a very attractive way. We loved seeing how active your Eco-Committee was in communicating their activities school-wide.


I hope you and your Eco-Committee take great pride in your achievements, when listed it's almost astonishing how many there are – however, the improvements to your school environment with the bird feeders, bug hotels and garden planting, and most of all, the fact you hosted an ‘Earth Day’ Event and the Jubilee tree planting (we loved those) all nicely stand out! Everyone involved should be incredibly proud of the changes they have made.