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Lunch Menus

We have an on-site kitchen and mid-day meals of excellent quality are prepared by our cook and her team. They work for Southampton City Catering, a privatised company formed by Southampton City Council.


Children are generally offered a choice of three usually homemade main courses with vegetables and there is a choice of desserts. The emphasis is on healthy eating and many of their products are organic. There is a vegetarian option available each day.


From September 2014, all children in Key Stage 1 in state-funded schools in England will be eligible for free school meals.


For Key Stage 2, lunches must be paid for in advance, on Monday mornings.


If you think that your child may be entitled to a free school lunch please ask at the school office. We are happy to advise parents of their entitlement. No one ever knows if a child receives a free lunch or a paid lunch.


Holy Family online payments for lunches, uniform, building fund and school trips can all be made through the School Cash Office.


Please use the following link: School Cash Office


Free school meals – information and eligibility