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Kids keeping kids safe online


Welcome to the Holy Family eCadets. Our eCadets will be publishing updates of what has been happening in our school by our children to keep themselves and their friends safe online.



'Live Streaming' - a poem by Alexandra

Live streaming might be fun,

But when done can’t be undone.

Avoid inviting dangers,

From millions of strangers.

Evil may be lurking,

Where strangers are smirking.


You need to think twice,

Not everyone’s nice!

It’s not a bit funny

If they steal all your money.

If too much you talked,

You could get stalked!


You’d be a FOOL

To tell them your school.

You’d get so much STRESS

If you tell your address.

It’s just INSANE

To tell them your name!


Keep your health,

And your wealth,

And your details to yourself.

Have fun with your friends and your pet,

Everything doesn’t have to be on the ‘net!