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We have spent a considerable time rewriting the school curriculum in order to meet the needs of the learners within our community. This is inline with the Government’s frame work for early years and the national curriculum in England:

Information For Parents:

Our curriculum is a skills based curriculum that aims to deepen children’s learning at all levels across a broad and balanced range of learning opportunities. Creativity and a focus on final products and outcomes is an important part of our curriculum design. For example our children within year two study The Great Fire of London and undertake a range of learning opportunities in order to deepen their knowledge and understanding of London at this time. Children enjoy visiting The Tudor House Museum and interrogating a range of sources in order to produce a strong portfolio of knowledge which can be applied. The production of Tudor Houses as a product of the design technology project was a wonderful finale to their learning in this area. Whilst our Year 6 children explore many areas, from detailed analysis of Narnia, through to the depths of a dangerous king in Macbeth.


Home reading and the impact that engaged parents have on their child's learning is vital to all children's progress and attainment. Actively engaged parents can accelerate their child's learning by over a year (Hattie). To this end we encourage and track our children's reading on a weekly basis.


We aim to inspire our children to be ‘thirsty learners’, who act responsibly. esafety is taught throughout our children's school lives. This is both explicitly through days and embedded in the curriculum. In addition to our main curriculum areas we also work on Growth Mindset and resilience throughout all we do. This work enables our learners to deepen their thinking as well as build resilience within school.


We hope that the information you find under each year group tab is useful. Each area of learning will have a learning ladder which breaks down the learning for children at the correct level and plans a pathway of learning for all children.



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