What’s happening!

In year 5…

A huge well done to everyone who took part in the SumDog competition which ran between the 16th and 23rd of March.

A special congratulations to the following classes who were daily winners:


A special congratulations to the following children:

They scored so many points they gained positions in the top 10 students across the schools in Hampshire!

Finally a HUGE well done to 4S and 3V who came 2nd and 3rd out of all the schools in Hampshire taking part in the competition! Well done!


Tuesday 6th March

Happy belated World Book Day! On Tuesday morning the children in year 4 were transported to the Chocolate Room from Roald Dahl’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We wrote about all the wonderful things you might find in that room after reading the chapter from the book.
in the afternoon children did some art work and finished the other half of book front covers that we have been looking at this year.


Year R

On Tuesday the 13th of March Hampshire and Isle of Wight Air Ambulance came to visit Year R. They explained all about their important role, how they help people and introduced us to each member of the crew. The children then got to experience being a ‘hero’ themselves, acting out an emergency scenario and calling ‘999’. The children loved dressing up in the different uniforms and getting into role. We even had a special visit from ‘Hero the Helicopter’!

Friday 23rd February

During the weekly celebration assembly, the children in year 4 were presented with an Arts Award for the work they did in year 3 with the University. The children were lucky enough to look around behind the scenes before and after a show, see the different equipment used in putting a stage show together and take part in a drama workshop with some of the crew.





Year 2 Visit to Beaulieu

During the first Spring Term Year two were incredibly lucky to be able to visit the beautiful Palace House, it’s gardens and of course the fascinating Beaulieu Motor Museum.

Dressed as Victorian school children for the day the children were plunged back in time as we entered Palace House. “Children should be seen not heard in Victorian times” rang a strict voice upon entry. The boys weren’t the least bit impressed as they always had to line up behind the girls. During our time in Palace House we learnt about Lord Montagu and his family. Did you know that in Victorian time’s children left school at 10 to work? We were introduced to the jobs of a Footman and a house maid which were commonly carried out by children.

After this we were shown around the Palace gardens by Lady Maria. She introduced us to the wide variety of crops and plants that are grown there. We also visited the Motor Museum where we had great fun wandering around the cars. We went on the ‘Wheels’ ride which took us back in time and guided us through the evolution of the modern car.

On Thursday 22nd February, Year 2 enjoyed a Sight Awareness day to better understand what life is like for the visually impaired. We experienced using canes to find our way past obstacles as well as wearing Simi-Specs which helped us to look through the eyes of different visual impairments. We found out about the Guide Dog association too!

In year 2


“Father Christmas has been in touch with Year 2 with a problem that needs solving! It is very slippery on the icy roofs he has to climb on Christmas Eve and it is too dangerous! As we have been learning about materials in our Science topic, he has asked us to design him some new boots with some of the materials found around the workshop. We tested them on a slope to see what would work best. Blu tac and sponge were the winning materials because they were rubbery and gave the boots some grip.”


In History, Year 2 have been learning about The Great Fire of London which started in 1666. This was in the Tudor times and we have spent lots of time learning about how the houses of that time were part of the reason that the fire spread. In Design Technology, we decided to create our own!”

We had a fire engine visit in year 2. We got to put on fire engine jackets that are called  ‘tunics’ . We went inside a fire engine  to see what it is like for real Firefighters . We also got to use a real hose. We felt like real Firefighters!

Some of us from Year 1 and 2 took part in a gymnastics festival on Monday 4th December and had a fantastic time! We got the opportunity to try out many activities and put into practise what we’ve been doing in gymnastics club at school. We performed a pre-planned routine in front of the other schools and made our school very proud!

Our Advent wall at Holy Family Roman Catholic Primary School is looking wonderful, we have been preparing our hearts for Jesus and writing prayers.

Advent Wall

Year 1 have been learning about The Three Little Pigs. For our homework we have made some fantastic masks of the wolf and the pigs! Some of us have even done the whole mask without any help!

IMG_3482 (1)

Year 1 have been learning about God’s creations and went on a hunt around the school grounds to find some! We used fallen leaves, petals, sticks and pine cones to create a collage that represents the world that God created.

In Maths, Year 1 have been learning to add 1-digit numbers using the part part whole method. We were able to write number sentences and answer them and also explain how we got the answer! Now we are adding numbers mentally!

Year 1 have been learning all about sound in music! We have been using percussion instruments as a sound source to learn how to make sounds louder, softer, far away, close up and fast and slow. We have had great fun making noise in our classroom to music!

Year 6 were lucky enough to have the opportunity to visit The Nuffield Theatre to watch the beautiful story of Hetty Feather, a book written by the best-selling children’s author Jaqueline Wilson.
The show amazed us all with incredible circus skills, beautiful storytelling and magnificent live music and songs. The children couldn’t wait to get back to school to start reading the novel!
Many thanks to The Nuffield for organising this wonderful opportunity. 

for more information click here


Year 2 visit Testwood Lakes

Wednesday 1st November, Year 2 visited Testwood Lakes in Totton as part of our science topic all about Minibeasts. We got to take part in loads of fun activities, such as pond dipping, identifying minibeasts, tree shaking and woodland sculpture! We had such a fun time being outside all day and we got a very good look at the nature we have all around us. We saw centipedes, water spiders, worms and beetles as well as lots of others! We had a really great day.”

In year R…

We have had a very busy week bear hunting!

In literacy, we have been focusing on writing the different parts of the story using our phase 2 sounds to help us. In maths, we have explored key words from the story ‘under’ ‘over’ and learning all about positional language.

Busy bee has been exciting this week and each day different parts of the story have been set up for us to explore; we explored in the long wavy grass, the sticky muddy water, and the shaving foam snow! We made a massive bear cave underneath our big top tent and snuggled down with our favourite bear books.

We were also lucky to have a special visit from John Lewis, they performed a ‘Bear hunt workshop’ and brought props for us to join in with the story, we all had so much fun! Each child was awarded a certificate for participating in the show and pictures have been put into our learning journeys for our families to enjoy.

Next week we will be exploring ‘Diwali’ and look forward to learning all about the ‘festival of light’


Another busy week complete and we are all so settled!
In Literacy this week we have used our phonetic sounds to label different parts of the story and then choose our favourite part of the story to write about. In Maths, we have explored patterns, we did this with objects, colours, shapes and even made patterns splashing in the water.
During our RE lesson we learnt all about our class prayer bear and look forward to taking him home each week. We also begun to learn about special people at our local Church. Thank you to our parents for helping us complete our homework task this week, we have all enjoyed sharing pictures of our houses and talking about all our lovely families.
We have continued to learn our phase 2 phonics sounds and we were so happy to see so many of our parents at our Friday workshop, we loved being the teacher!
Next week, we will be going to the moon, exploring the story ‘Whatever Next’

Exploring the story ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’ has been so much fun!

In English we created story maps, to help us learn the story and the different characters. We then created instructions for Goldilocks to make her own porridge. In maths, we explored number recognition up to 10, using counting bears, we made sure to count the bears carefully one by one.
Porridge making was great fun! Following instructions we created yummy porridge, it was super tasty. A picture has been put in our learning journeys for our family to enjoy.
We have now started learning our Phase 2 sounds, each sound has an action and we look forward to teaching all our parents on Friday in the ‘Phonics Workshop’.
Next week, more bears, but this time “We’re going on a bear hunt”

“First full week of full time school complete and we have had an amazing time! This week we have been focusing on rules and routines. We have all adjusted brilliantly and got to learn the school day. We all have enjoyed rotating around different ‘jobs’ in the morning, practising and learning new skills, and the afternoons have been full of fun in busy bee. We’ve learnt the routine of lunchtime and we are growing in confidence on the ‘big’ playground. We have continued to form good relationships with our teachers and our friends. We are beginning to understand our school behaviour chart and we have enjoyed moving our pegs up!Thank you to our parents for providing us with all our PE kits, welly boots and spare clothes. Next week we look forward to exploring the story ‘Goldilocks and the Three Bears’

‘We have all settled into Year R this week, getting to know our teachers and teaching assistants. We have explored our classroom, outside area, library and look forward to exploring the rest of the school.
In maths we have been investigating shape, number and showing our teachers what we know. In English we have enjoyed looking at different sounds and practising writing our names. We have all been given a Lilac reading book to practise our reading skills at home and in school. We have also been issued a library book to enjoy. We have all created a beautiful family portrait, which are now on display in our Art area. We enjoyed sharing our ‘All About Me’ box and all our lovely photos have been added to our learning journeys.
Thank you to our parents for attending the parent workshops and we look forward to being in full time next week.” 


In Year Six we are working on mapping in our Geography lessons.

We will be exploring changes and relationships during PSHE time. We will be heading off to the west-country for our residential adventure.

This will be our last term at primary school and although we will be sad to leave this part of our journey behind, our adventure continues and we will embrace it, equipped with the tools and skills that we have acquired during our time spent in primary.

Brilliant Bude

On Monday 26 June 2017, our year 6 children set off for a wonderful adventure to Bude in Cornwall where we took part in a number of exhilarating activities. From early morning swims and runs to a variety of different activities during the day, including surfing, mountain boarding, kayaking and climbing, the children had a fantastic time! Not only were our days action packed, our evenings were fantastic as well. Our children enjoyed a disco, karaoke and talent show throughout the week. Our week culminated in a celebration event where children were presented with their certificates from their Tutor. We all had a brilliant time and the children have made many memories that they will cherish forever.

For more information about the centre at Bude click here


The Mayflower Theatre – Year2

“On Friday 17th June, Year 2 went to visit the Mayflower Theatre to link in with our English story writing. We had a fantastic time exploring the theatre and going backstage, behind the scenes. We even got to go on the fly stage! We then made our own props – hats for the Mad Hatter’s tea party! Finally we got to sing and act in Musical Theatre workshops so we could feel like we were on the stage itself. We really enjoyed our trip!”

In summer 1 Year 5 was investigating the Victorians, and what life was like for Victorian children at school and at home.

We looked at the timeline of this long-lived Monach and drew comparisons between Victorian life and our own experiences.

We were also lucky enough to have been loaned a victorian artefact box from The Southampton Sea City Museum. We explored victorian life through handling and observing real artefacts. The children used their inference skills to find out what they were used for and what each artefact was.

This may be a good place to look to explore more  – http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/primaryhistory/victorian_britain/

In Science we explored the Solar System and visited Winchester Science Centre to further investigate the workings of our solar system and its place in the Galaxy.



In Spring 2, fantastic 4 are focusing on France in Geography. Within this, we focus on food, culture, transport and the location of different cities. If you would like to complete some research on France together at home, please use this link as a starting point:


This week, we have been enjoying taking part in Royal Mail’s Christmas Stamp competition. Children from all year groups were tasked with designing their very own stamp which represented ‘What does the Christmas season mean to me?’ We had a fantastic number of entries which have been sent to Royal Mail for judging. We are now eagerly waiting to hear if any of our entries have made it to the final stages! Here is a selection of the entries submitted.

Year 2

“Down in Year 2, we are keenly awaiting the arrival of our baby ducklings! The ducklings have been growing inside the egg for 28 days now and they could come any minute. We have learnt lots all about the life cycle of a duck already so we are feeling very excited.”

This years trip to Beaulieu was the wettest yet!

We walked miles to the tree house in our wellies and met lots of lovely animals on the farm. Although we had lots of fun, we also had lots of jobs to do! We had to muck out the pigs, feed the calves, lay the tables and even hoover the dining room! Everybody challenged themselves and became much more independent on the trip, which was lovely to see.Thanks to everyone who made the trip a success!

Brooke – “The best thing about Beaulieu was when we went to the treehouse and we had to go orienteering! I liked the long walks and listening to the different bird songs!”

Mason – ” I loved the food! My favorite meal was the lamb burger and chips!”

Ashanti – “The best thing about Beaulieu was the birds of prey visit!”

Jerome – “I enjoyed milking the goats!”

Spring 1

In year 3 we are aiming to develop our independence, taking on more responsibility for our own learning.

Watch as we work through the Reading Challenge earning ourselves house points and rewards.

Also we are developing our timetable skills. How many Titans can we defeat this year?

 In the Spring term we will be looking at Ancient Egypt.

This exciting topic will include a trip down the Egypt timeline discovering all about the great rulers.

We will delve into ancient Egyptian ritual learning all about the many Egyptian gods, even having a go at printing our name’s in Hieroglyphics.

Jump on board with us for an exciting ( and slightly gruesome) journey back in time.

These links will give you a taste of what’s to come.



 Other topics this term include the Fantastic Mr Fox. In our literacy lessons we will be holding a class debate on who is in the wrong … the farmers or the fox?

Develop your debating skills for this important matter! Within science we are getting our Newton brains on, learning all about forces and magnets.

Chinese New Year

‘To celebrate Chinese New Year in Year 1 we had fun making our very own Chinese dragons.’

IMG_2525 IMG_2526

Friday 20 January

This afternoon Year 3 worked with a member of the team who put on the Fantastic Mr Fox performance at the Nuffield. They taught us one of the songs and a dance routine to go with it. This helped to deepen our learning and knowledge of the characters in the story we are focusing on in English.


Look at the spectacular Tudor Houses created by Year 2! They have been hard at work, using their learning on the Great Fire of London to inspire their DT work.


The children explored different ways to make and join a cube structure, to create the bases for their houses. They then added final touches to their houses to ensure they looked authentic and in the Tudor style.
Aren’t they fantastic.

Year 2 visited Swanwick Lakes Nature Reserve to conclude our Minibeasts Science topic. We took part in lots of fun activities like pond-dipping and tree-shaking to find real minibeasts living in their natural habitats!

We also got a bit messy moulding clay into our favourite minibeasts!

Why not take your own visit with your parents – Swanwick Lakes

Your School Council minutes

“To link in with our Great Fire of London history topic,

Year 2 took part in a drama workshop. In our own time machine, we zoomed back to Pudding Lane, London in the year 1666, where we imagined what it would have been like if we had survived it first-hand! Luckily, we have the diary of Samuel Pepys to understand the events that took place.”

Year 6 took part in a special project using tablets and apps to create music.

“We gradually built up our familiarity with the apps and our skills”.

You can hear the end results on the link to the web-site, CLICK HERE.

Some of our parents and carers came to hear our music at a special  concert at school. We made so much progress and some of us are going to keep making music on our tablets at home”. “It was great”.


24 November Year 3 – Nuffield Theatre Trip

The year 3s took a trip to the Nuffield Theatre to see Fantastic Mr Fox live on stage.


This was a great opportunity for the children to understand the story and the characters before they begin writing units of work about the story after Christmas.




For more information about the Nuffield Theatre and Fantastic Mr FoX CLICK HERE

Monday 28 November

Today we had M&M Productions in school and we were treated to a pantomime. – Sleeping Beauty.

“It was amazing”

“Really cool”

“I liked the mouse”

For more information about M&M Productions CLICK HERE

On Friday we all dressed up spotty in support of Children in Need – here are some of us!


In the afternoon we looked at the Children in Need website as a class and talked about which children across the world need help.
We came up with suggestions to help them, such as raise money for charity, have days like this at school and ask our friends if they’re ok.


During the week beginning 10th October, some of our year 6 pupils “graduated” from Southampton University!



They had spent the week researching authors with a story- telling focus.

They were lucky enough to have a drama workshop you can see in the photo.


They also researched where and what they would like to study when they are older.


“Now I know I want to live away from home when I study so I can meet new people”

“I’m going to study Politics and Global studies to help make the world a better place”

All in all, an amazing week!

find more information about “Into University” HERE

As the festivities of Bonfire night approaches…

please take time to share this wonderful story with your children to get them thinking about their own safety during this exciting time of year.

Attention Year R Parents…
… we have put together some exciting home challenges for our year R pupils to work on at home to show you the skills they have been working on at school. Please check out the Year R curriculum area. CLICK HERE

Tuesday 18th October

Supporting the Rotary Club Shoebox Appeal ‘children helping children’

Thank you so much to all the children and parents that helped, this year’s collection was the best ever with 94 colourful boxes heading of to bring joy to children in such far flung places as Montenegro, Albania, Moldova and the Philippines to bring joy to disadvantaged children.


Monday 10th October

We were visited by Janine from the Children’s Air Ambulance.


The charity helps sick and injured children to get to hospital quickly. We learnt that the helicopter not only flies fast, but also serves as a flying intensive care unit for children. We also learnt a lot about things we can do to support the charity and the vital service they provide.

air-ambulance-1 If you would like to find out more you can visit Children’s Air Ambulance

School Council

Our School Councillors met with School Councillors from across the Partnership. Read more here.

7th October 2016 – Butser Hill Ancient Farm

Year 3 took an educational trip to Butser Hill Ancient Farm. We went into a Iron Age round house, made pots out of clay in the ground and jewelry that would have been worn by Iron age people. 


Year 3 recommend a visit to Butser Ancient Farm

Thank you to parents for co-operating and allowing us all to cook and taste-test the different toppings.

The top favourite topping choices were honey and jam. All the children helped to measure the ingredients, mix/stir and watch and comment on the porridge changing in consistency. The children have already been seen transferring this into their play when role-playing ‘cooking’ in the water trays and in the ‘3 Bears Cottage’.

Creator God,

we thank you for the creative skills of all human beings,

made as we are in your image and likeness.

Inspire us to use our skills for the benefit of all our “fellow-travellers” who share the same journey.


On Friday 30th September,

year 5 visited the Mary Rose in Portsmouth’s Historic Dockyard. We had a tour of the museum and saw Henry VIII’s ship the Mary Rose. The Ship had images projected onto it so it really looked like we could see real people working on it!

We then took part in a workshop where we had to pretend to load a cannon as if we were real workers on the Mary Rose.


In a classroom, we learnt about why The Mary Rose sank and what could have prevented it from happening. We also dressed up in the types of clothes poor and rich people would have worn on the Mary Rose.

In the last workshop, we were either assigned to an English group or a French group. We then had to decide a time and place where we would invade the other group. We took into account the area, time and where we would place our men if it was a real invasion.

“My favourite part was seeing The Mary Rose because it looked really big and I could see all of the little details on it.” Ola  5A

“My favourite part of the Mary Rose trip was when we had to load the cannon. My job was the Commander so I had to tellmy men to load it and then I pretended to light it.” Sonny 5A

“I really enjoyed it when we looked around the museum andwe saw the bow and arrows and got to practise archery. Then we also got to hold some artefacts from the ship.” Libby 5R

Learning Opportunities

Since attending the parent worshops, how has your child been mark-making at home? We have been experimenting with chalk, water and paint brushes! Please send us your photos of children making marks in different ways!

ome-and-mark-makeThe children have enjoyed talking all about their family, home and interests using their ‘All About Me’ Summer Holiday homework boxes!

BEWARE OF THE BEARS! This half-term we look forward to: Learning all about Bears, Reading stories about Bears, Role-playing in the 3 Bears Cottage and Cooking Porridge and taste-testing toppings.

Thank you to all Parents who attended the parent workshops! The children have been excited to find out what their parents have written on the ‘Proud Clouds.’ Please remember to use ‘Proud Clouds’ throughout the school year to celebrate your child’s achievements.

This half-term we are focusing on the story of ‘Creation’. As part of exploring the school grounds we have been looking for natural items that God Created. The children have been introduced to the ‘Year R Prayer Bear’! Watch out! He could be visiting your house soon!

Morning Prayer

Thank you for the night and for the lovely morning light.

For rest and food, love and friends.

For all the goodness your love sends.

Help me to do the things I should.

To be to others kind and good.

In all I do at work and play, let me grow more loving everyday.


‘ In Year 1 we have been learning about Creation. We have made posters about God’s beautiful creations’ ‘Look at our amazing maths work’
In Year 1 we have been learning about the creation story in R.E. and last week, in groups, we acted out each day of God’s 7 day creation of the world, with actions and sounds.
The boys are showing the water, land and sky being made.

The girls are showing the mountains, hills and plants that God made.

Year 6 Macbeth Trip to Saint Swithun Wells Catholic Primary School – Winchester.
Year 6 Macbeth Trip


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